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What is really important for portrait photography is, that captures the person and their believes- For the company TXS, a Software-Service-Provider, it was set that the liberal and down to earth principal of the company should be represented in the photographs of the executive officials (head staff). Together with an agency we discussed many different visions, ideas and locations for this shooting and settled on the headquarters of TXS in Hamburgs dockside, where we were able to work with many interesting backgrounds and angles. This gave us a variety of location opportunities, which communicate vitality without being artificial.

Especially with business photography you often work with people who are well known in the industry, even celebrities in their field of expertise, and they should be captured as such.
To enhance the quality of the picture, and not emphasize the pressing time, the bad weather or their nervousness in front of the camera that very day, many factors have to be considered beforehand, so that we are prepared to work as professional and detailed as we possibly can. With that in mind, we can work in an comfortable and calming atmosphere for the customer which will be reflected in the pictures and creates something that no Post Production can accomplish.

Client: TXS, Hamburg
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Professionelle Fotografie in ihrer Hauptstadt

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